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Skito Dryback and Equalizer Saddle Pads

Skito Saddle Pads provide excellent spine clearance, are moisture-wicking and breathable, and the high-quality fleece provides good saddle stability without rubbing. They are anatomically shaped over the withers and all Skito treeless saddle pads are made with front-loading insert pockets to prevent seams and minimize bulk against the horse.

Skito Pads are in stock in black to fit most treeless saddles, including Startrekk, Sensation, Barefoot saddles as well as the Torsion Standard and Freeform Classic saddles. Other pads take 2 to 3 weeks.

In-stock Pad Choices:
For which saddle?

Many Skito pad options are available; we are happy to work with you to put together the perfect pad setup.

Options include:

  • Laminated inserts (for extra spinal clearance and to add a “twist” to treeless saddles)
  • Lexan sheet embedded in the inserts (extra protection from pressure points)
  • Layer of felt (additional spine/wither clearance)
  • Dryback (aids cooling/air circulation between horse and saddle)

Skito inserts can also be purchased separately and used in other pads. Interpads (inserts encased in spandex, to be used between your regular pad and the saddle) are available as well as various shims. If you need something, chances are Skito can accommodate; just ask!


  • Standard pad, 100% wool fleece bottom, no-slip strips on top: $225
  • Dryback pad with 100% wool fleece bottom: $265
  • Replacement inserts start at $50 and can be made to fit any pad that is equipped with insert pockets
  • Shims start at $20


Skito Pad