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DP Quantum Saddle and Baroque Saddle

Made by Deuber DP Saddlery. Adjustable Ultraflex tree solves many of the problems encountered with standard flex-tree saddles. Most flex-tree saddles come in only one width, forcing the horse’s back muscles and rider’s weight to flex the tree to fit; this can cause back soreness especially over many miles. Alternatively, the tree may flex too easily, allowing the saddle to put pressure on the withers and spine.

This adjustable Ultraflex tree can be adjusted by the rider, and stays where you set it, providing a better fit for many different shapes of horses. The flexibility in the tree then provides give and comfort for both horse and rider, while still distributing the rider’s weight properly and allowing for hard use such as extended two-pointing.

Price starts at $2800

Saddle Details For The Rider:

  • A deep, comfortable, secure seat
  • Lightweight (under 20 lbs)
  • Available in black, brown/black, red/black, and blue/black, havana, or natural vegetable-tanned leather
  • Three seat sizes: S1 (14-14.5″ Western), S2 (15-15.5″ Western), S3 (16-16.5″ Western).

Saddle Details For The Horse:

  • Fully adjustable Ultraflex tree, adjusts from narrow to extra-wide
  • continuous adjustment (no ratcheting or stepwise adjustment)
  • Short saddle base accommodates short-backed horses (20-23″ depending on seat size)
  • Flocked panels allow for fine adjustments in fit and will mold to the horse’s back with use
  • Three available channel widths (distance between panels): 4cm, 6cm, 8cm
  • Flocking available in different densities, materials, and thicknesses
  • Rigging situated in a Y position which allows the girth to be positioned as needed on the horse
  • Front girth billet can be placed in a point position or more centered position by the rider.

Interested in a test ride?

  • Saddle demos last 7 days
  • It includes everything needed to properly test ride the saddle
  • Ride in the saddle as you normally would
  • Call us with any questions and let us know how it is working out
  • Shipping + $35 demo fee (refundable with purchase), and a security deposit (refundable)

Quantum Sport

Quantum Sport

Quantum Sport in red/black