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Sensation Saddles

The Sensation treeless saddle line offers one of the softest and most comfortable seats for the rider available anywhere. These saddles are secure and balanced. With many ways to adjust the seat shape, firmness, and stirrup position, it is possible to comfortably fit almost any shape of rider.

Sensation saddles have removable/replaceable panels which may be customized. Their small footprint, especially on the English models, fits small horses and ponies well. Flexible construction means these saddles will fit the widest, roundest horses with ease.

Each Sensation saddle is custom made to order in Canada from excellent quality leather sourced from the USA or Canada. Saddles are available with either stainless steel or solid brass hardware and a range of leather choices.

Note that select Sensation saddle models are kept in stock. Contact us for current in-stock offerings if you need a saddle ASAP.

Please see the Saddle Sale section for some deals on select Sensation Saddle models and accessories.

Models include: