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Formal Dressage

$CAD 1495

The Formal Dressage is the most traditional-looking of the Sensation English treeless saddles. Clean lines and no visible D rings or buckles provide a neat look for the show ring. The flap is slightly longer and straighter, and the knee roll a bit more full than on the G3 Dressage.

The pommel is built up to give a steeper rise and a deeper, more cupped shape to the seat. The saddle has the G4 rigging, which means that instead of two billets for the girth and one buckle for the stirrups, there are three billets, allowing the rider to choose which billets to use for the girth and where to place the stirrups at the bottom of the flap as well as at the top of the saddle. This allows the rider to fine-tune the stirrup positioning. Available seat sizes: 16″, 17″, 17.5″.

The following additions may be requested at additional charge to customize the Sensation Dressage:

  • “Trail” package – rings added to center and sides behind cantle.
  • Additional rings – Added to front or rear of saddle flap
  • Seat bolster (pommel) – Added to the seat to create a more distinct rise to the front of the seat
  • Seat bolster (cantle) – Added to the seat to create a smaller size seat or tighter fit.
  • Additional seat – Available on all models. Specify color and texture of leather.


Sensation Formal Dressage Saddle


Sensation Formal Dressage Saddle

Sensation Dressage