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Hybrid Trail

The Sensation Hybrid treeless saddle is a cross between the Sensation Western Sport and Dressage Trail models. It has the Dressage Trail flaps, but a taller cantle and large swell as on the Western. The addition of the swell and taller cantle to the flaps with removable knee blocks make this the Sensation with the most secure, held-in feel for the rider. This saddle may also be made with the English Trail flap, the Western cantle which is a bit taller than the Hybrid cantle, and the swell may be angled back or more upright depending on how much security the rider wants in the front of the seat.

Rings located at the rear and sides of the seats create attachment areas for cantle packs or water bottle holders for convenience on the trail. Front rings are for attaching a breastplate and carry handle.

This saddle is available in various choices of smooth to grippy leathers with either stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

Sizes availabe from 14.5″ – 16.5″

$CAD 1443

Optional Items:

The following additions may be requested at additional charge to customize this saddle.

  • English Trail shaped flap – more forward flap.
  • Mega kneeblocks – For a greater degree of knee support
  • Additional rings – Added to front or rear of saddle flap
  • Seat bolster (pommel) – Added to the seat to create a more distinct rise to the front of the seat
  • Seat bolster (cantle) – Added to the seat to create a smaller size seat or tighter fit.
  • Lengthened or shortened flaps
  • Additional seat – Available on all models. Specify color and texture of leather
  • G4 rigging upgrade
  • Removable rigging


Sensation Hybrid


Sensation G3 Hybrid