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Western Sport

The Sensation Western Sport model meets the needs of the rider who wants a more Western look and feel in a treeless saddle. The swell is 13″ wide, and the cantle is wider and taller than on the English model saddles, providing a deeper seat feel. Fenders instead of flaps mean closer contact under the legs.

This treeless western saddle is also excellent for riders who want a more free-swinging feel to their stirrups while not sacrificing the advantage of a distributed stirrup attachment. Plenty of D rings for all your gear, and the skirting will accommodate cantle packs comfortably. While the skirting is longer than the English models, the actual weight bearing surface is identical at 19”, allowing even the shortest backed horse the ability to use the Western in comfort.

Seat sizes: 14.5″-16.5″ (Western sizing).

Available in various choices of smooth to grippy leathers with either stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

$CAD 1599

Sensation Western Sport Saddle

Sensation Western Sport Saddle