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Startrekk & Sensation Saddle Sale

New & Used Startrekk and

Sensation Saddles for Sale

— none currently —

New & Used Saddle Pads and Accessories


Skito Pad Fits Barefoot Arizona and comparable round-skirt Western saddles.
Dryback pad, black. $235.  Sold Out.


Saddle Leathers and Pommels

Barefoot Saddle 2″ leathers, black, $25/pair (new); $20/pair (demoed)

Barefoot Saddle regular length 1″ black leathers, $20 (demoed)

Startrekk Comfort pommels (all colors), starting at $25, contact us for sizes and colors

Startrekk Western (with horn) pommels, black or brown nubuck, #3
size, new, $65 each

Startrekk Western (with horn) pommel, size 2 in black, $55 (demoed)

Startrekk “Buckle-at-the-bottom” English leathers: Black smooth
leather: 7X Long, 2X XL; $40/pair. Used: 1X Short, 1X Med; $30/pair.
One set of used Ms that are missing one Velcro sleeve, $20. Black
nubuck: 2X Med, $40/pair. 1X Long, missing one sleeve, $30. Brown
nubuck: 1X Medium, well-used but sound, $20. 1X Long, new, but missing
Velcro sleeves, $30.

Premier dressage leathers, dark brown, $40 (like Wintec Webbers, but
leather), new.


Girths, Cinches, Bridles, and Breastplates

Toklat Woolback girths with elastic both ends and Ds for breast
collar, 24″, $40, new

Montana Cincha mohair string Western cinch, 32″, $35, new.

Montana Cincha mohair string dressage girths (all new and natural in
color unless otherwise noted), $70 each:

2X 22″ with leather buckle backing
1X 24″ with neoprene buckle backing
1X 24″ black/natural with neoprene buckle backing
1X 24″ black/natural with leather buckle backing
1X 26″ with leather buckle backing
1X 28″ with neoprene buckle backing
2X 32″ with neoprene buckle backing

Montana Cincha mohair endurance girth, black/natural, neoprene buckle
backing, $80.

Cashel Western to English girth converters, tan in color, lightly
used, $15.

Zilco marathon endurance halter-bridle, navy, Arab size, demoed, $40.

Zilco deluxe endurance breastplate, Arab size, red, $75, NEW