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Startrekk Saddles

Startrekk treeless saddles feature meticulous German design and premium quality leather and construction. They provide more structure and security for the rider than many treeless saddles.

This range of saddles is highly customizable, with 4 to 5 available widths of the replaceable pommel; adjustable pommels are available on select models. English models have wool-flocked panels, while the others have removable/replaceable panels. The panels provide built-in spine and wither clearance, meaning that unlike many other treeless saddles, these can be safely used on horses with very high withers or narrow, A-framed backs, without the necessity of very thick padding. Some models have a choice of 2 stirrup positions and an adjustable seat.

Please see the Saddle Sale section for some deals on select Startrekk saddle models and accessories.

Startrekk Western

Startrekk Comfort

Startrekk Endurance

Startrekk All-Purpose

Startrekk Dressage

Startrekk Icelandic