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Startrekk All-Purpose Treeless Saddle

This English treeless saddle has a slightly shallower seat than the Dressage model and flaps are positioned more forward to allow for a shorter stirrup length. Suitable for jumping up to 3′. Available in 16.5″, 17.5″, and 18.5″ sizes (16.5″ saddles are special order).



  • Excellent quality saddle leather for a traditional look and durability
  • Flocked panels, adjustable by any saddle fitter, mold to the horse with use
  • Adjustable flexibility
  • E-shaped stirrup bars for easy changing of leathers (these are not safety stirrup bars; safety or caged stirrups are recommended)
  • Perfectly-positioned, supportive knee rolls
  • Girth billets positioned in a slight Y and attached high up on the saddle flaps, to distribute the pull across the entire saddle
  • Changeable pommel insert is available in 5 widths
  • Available in black and two-tone dark brown

Startrekk All-Purpose treeless saddle

Underside view