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Startrekk Comfort & Comfort Shorty

The Comfort saddle is an excellent treeless saddle choice for trail, pleasure, and endurance riders who like a more English style saddle.  It features a single flap design with billets that will fit any dressage girth and there are two choices for stirrup position. The cantle is moveable for an adjustable seat size (regular size only).

This saddle provides more structure than many treeless saddles and gives the rider and horse more of a treed-saddle feel while still remaining flexible and adjustable. This also provides for a more secure seat for the rider.

$1695, in stock.

Colors:  black, two-tone dark brown, and cognac

Sizing: Regular Comfort adjusts up to 16” Western/18” English seat. Comfort Shorty is equivalent to 15” Western/17” English seat.  Please note: treeless saddles tend to fit a bit differently in the seat than treed saddles and you may find that you fit in a smaller seat size than you would in a treed saddle.

Pommels:  are available in 4 widths and are removable and changeable.

Panels: leather-covered, removable, and adjustable; available in  4 thicknesses.


Startrekk Comfort Saddle in two-tone dark brown

Close-up of the seat

Underside detail of the Comfort, showing movable/ adjustable panels for a precise fit and wide spine channel to ensure clearance.