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Startrekk Endurance

The Startrekk Endurance is a well-designed treeless saddle made of high-quality German leather. With a secure and comfortable seat with good stability on the horse, this saddle is appropriate for western/pleasure to trail and endurance riding.

Features on this treeless saddle include two stirrup positions for rider comfort and the seat is adjustable on the Regular size model. Adjustable panels provide for spinal clearance and a precise fit for the horse. 4 pommel widths are available to further customize the fit. Available either with or without a horn on the pommel (not suitable for roping or ponying).

The Endurance has a Y-girthing setup that accommodates a dressage-length English girth and it positions the girth more towards the center of the saddle.

$1695, in stock.

Colors: havana or natural smooth leather; black or brown nubuck.

Seat sizes: Regular size adjusts up to 16” Western/18” English seat. Shorty size is equivalent to 15” Western/17” English seat.

Saddle Length: Regular is 24″ overall, Shorty is 22″ overall. The panels are approximately 1 to 1.5″ shorter than the saddle base.

Pommels: 4 widths (removable, adjustable, and changeable)

Panels: leather-covered, removable, and adjustable; available in 4 thicknesses.


Startrekk Endurance in black

Startrekk Endurance in natural